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TANABE Kompresor Tekanan Tinggi sampai 30 bar ~ 610 m³/hr ~ 132 kW (Water Cooled). Model: H-63 — H-374
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30 Okt 2019
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PT Mutiara Sanjaya is the Exclusive Distributor of TANABE Compressors for Unit and Spare Part Sales in Indonesia

Sell TANABE H-Series Marine Diesel Starting Engine Air Compressor. MADE IN JAPAN

Model Range  : H-54A, H-63, H-64, H-264, H-73, H-74, H-273, H-274, H-373, H-374

  • Pressure      : 1.96 —2.94MPa (20-30 bar)
  • Capacity      : 0.62 - 7.08 m3/min
  • Cooling       : Water Cooled
  • Power        : 11—132kW
  • Type         : Vertical type, 2-stage Compressor 1—3-cylinder



•A trusted brand, "H"series.

•World wide high quality.

•Satisfied durability.


Market Leader in Asia.

Since"H"series was launched in 1987, More than 10,000 machines on board around the world, as for the main diesel engine starter.

TANABE proudly boasts the No.1 satisfactory results in the marine market. TANABE is the pioneer of the MARINE COMPRESSOR.


Guaranteed and Easy Availability of GENUINE SPARE PARTS

Whatever your needs for TANABE compressor and spare parts, we can help you. Contact us right now!


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