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TANABE Kompresor Udara PET Bottle Blow Molding (Air Cooled) sampai 40 bar. Model: VLHH series
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24 Mei 2020
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PT Mutiara Sanjaya is the Exclusive Distributor of TANABE Compressors for Unit and Spare Part Sales in Indonesia

Sell TANABE VLHH Blow Molding High Pressure Compressor. MADE IN JAPAN

Model Range : VLHH-64A, VLHH-74A, VLHH-114, VLHH-114H, VLHH-2114, VLHH-2114H

  • Pressure         : 2.45—3.92 MPa / 25 bar , 35 bar , 40 bar
  • Capacity         : 0.83—8.4 m³/min
  • Cooling           : Air Cooled
  • Power             : 11—110 kW 
  • Types              : Reciprocating type, 3 stage
  • Model Range  : VLHH series

Main Usage

Industrial and general application; blow molding, gastight test, wind tunnel test, autoclave, airlift, engine starter etc.


This range is a compressor of what we classify as intermediate pressure. Our Marine compressors that have 80%
shares in the domestic market have the same pressure specification. The skills we have cultivated in building
the Marine Compressors are applied in building compressors for on-shore usage, with the pressure specification
we are most skillful at. SP series is especially an ingenious compressor that no other manufacturer can compete.
We are able to provide a wide range of compressors like the ones which make good use of excess air at work places,
or the boost type compressors that are workable with the TASK series.

Guaranteed and Easy Availability of GENUINE SPARE PARTS

Whatever your needs for TANABE compressor and spare parts, we can help you. Contact us right now!

Made In Japan

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kompresor angin

TANABE Oil-Lubricated Air Compressor High Pressure Up to 5MPa. Model: SP BV H VLHH series

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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